Sweet Dreams

When Devil’s Halo Cheesecakes & Milkshakes debuted in June 2021, our founders, Jeff & Melanie Earle, thought it would be a way to turn their passion for baking and all things sweet into a fun side hustle. They started by selling the now infamous Cheesecake On A Stick, and within a matter of weeks their baked goods had gained legendary status among the community. 

After selling out time and again at local artisan markets, Jeff and Melanie realized they may have bitten off more than they could chew. Growing a small business from scratch meant they had to put the “home” in “homemade.” They soon wound up purchasing an additional five fridges and two stand-up freezers to store the tasty treats in their own basement, all the while demand for Devil’s Halo cheesecakes soared. 

From businesses to birthday parties, and even community fundraisers, it became clear that their customers couldn’t get enough of the scrumptious sweets. They began joking around about opening a store front, but despite their success, taking the business from a side hustle to a brick and mortar store still seemed like a dream. As the business continued to grow, it was soon realized that juggling full time jobs and this passion project meant that they couldn’t have their cake and eat it too. It was time to make a dream a reality. 

Today, Jeff and Melanie are proud to operate Devil’s Halo Cheesecakes & Milkshakes from its brand-new location right here in Moncton, New Brunswick. Offering cheesecake bowls, milkshakes, waffle cones, and more they can’t wait to show you what dreams are made of. Stop by and say hi while we serve you a slice of heaven… you know you want to 😈.